New Mobile & Online Banking Experience

On August 31, 2021, we are upgrading our mobile and online banking services to serve you better. You will be able to see all your accounts in one place, personalize your dashboard, and better protect your accounts with 2-step verification.


Get started August 31, 2021

Online Users: Click on Online Banking button on top of our homepage at WWW.FSB-SPENCER.COM.

Mobile App Users: You will be automatically prompted to download the new FSB app seen below from the App Store or Google Play.  Our old app will be unavailable as of September 14, 2021

Download and start using our new app beginning August, 31 2021!


    • You will be prompted to set up a four-digit pass code to use so you don’t have to enter a password in the future.
    • A facial recognition option for sign-in will also be available.

All Users

    • Enter your existing username and password to sign in.
    • Protect your account by enrolling in 2-step verification using one of the three options.
    • Review and accept the user agreement.
    • You will be taken to your new dashboard.


What is 2-step verification?

Two-step verification is a security feature that helps safeguard your account information.  Each time you sign into your account on an unrecognized device, we require your password and a verification code.  There are three options to receive a verification code: 1. Voice or text message sent to your phone, 2. Use the Authy app to generate a unique code, 3. Use another authenticator app using a QR code scan or manual code entry.

What else to know about 2-step verification?

    • Please be sure to enter the correct phone number.
    • Codes are valid for three to six minutes and expire after that time.
    • You can be locked out if too many attempts are made with the wrong verification code.


Your Dashboard

After signing in, the first screen you see is the “Dashboard.”  A list of your accounts is presented on top and a list of quick actions (Transfer, Pay a bill, Pay a person) are next to your accounts.  You can also see recent transaction and payment activity on your dashboard.

Can I reorganize my dashboard?

    • Yes you can! Simply select “Organize dashboard” on the bottom of your dashboard.
    • Just drag and drop, delete or add information.
    • You can also click the three dots on any tile to make changes.


Account Alerts

The ability to set account alerts is built right into our upgraded platform. See how to do that below. In addition, the existing MyCardRules app allows you to set a wide range of controls and alerts for your debit card. In the near future, MyCardRules will be included within our Mobile Banking platform. Please check our home-page for the latest updates.

    • Click on your checking account on the dashboard.
    • Select “Alert preferences” to set alert
    • To lock your debit card, find the “Card Management” box on the dashboard and toggle the card on/off in the slide bar.


Payments and Transfers

The bill pay service that you have seen and used for years is largely unchanged.

Will my bill payees and scheduled payments continue after August 31?

    • Yes, all bill payees and scheduled payments will continue to be available.

Will my scheduled or recurring transfers continue after August 31?

    • Yes, all scheduled and recurring transfers between Farmers Savings Bank accounts will continue.

From the top left side of the dashboard, select “Payments”

    • Select “Pay a bill” and “Pay a person” to pay existing payees
    • Select “Manage payments” to enter the full bill pay home screen



Electronic Statements

Free electronic statements are available in both online and mobile banking.

    • Select your checking account and click on “Statements”

    • If you have already enrolled, no action is needed and you will see your statements here.
    • If you wish to enroll, select “Sign Up/Changes”

As of August 31, 2021, the old format online banking statements (no color, check images, or balancing page) will not be available.


Text Banking

Using Mobile Banking and alerts to check account balances & transactions has become so easy and convenient, we have found customers no longer use Text Banking. As a result, Text Banking will be discontinued effective September 27, 2021.