My Mobile Money FAQs


1) Question: What is My Mobile Money?

Answer: My Mobile Money is a free app that helps you protect yourself from the hassles of card fraud. With My Mobile Money, you can conveniently manage and monitor your Farmers Savings Bank debit card accounts wherever you go.

2) Question: What can I do with My Mobile Money?


  1. Turn your debit card on and off
  2. Set up alerts that will notify you that a card transaction:
    • Took place outside one of three geographic regions you chose, named and saved
    • Was an international transaction
    • Was a specified transaction type (in store, ATM, etc…)
    • Was a specified merchant type (gas station, grocery, etc.)
    • Exceeded a defined threshold amount
    • Alert if card status changes (turned on/off)
  3. Enroll and set alert preferences for dependent cards
  4. Receive fraud alerts for transactions done with my card

3) Question: Why should I use My Mobile Money?

Answer: My Mobile Money gives you an additional layer of security and control over how your Farmers Savings Bank debit card is used. Do you think your card has been stolen or is being used fraudulently? Simply turn your card off on your phone or other device. You ended up finding your card? Just turn it back on! Set up transaction alerts to notify you when your card is being used for a certain dollar amount, for transactions outside your geography, or for purchases at specified merchant types for example.

4) Question: What are the requirements for My Mobile Money?

Answer: Just two things are needed. At least one Farmers Savings Bank debit card and a smart phone or other device (Ex. a tablet), on which you can download and run mobile apps for Apple or Android.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your device must have access to either a Wi-Fi or cell phone connection to access My Mobile Money. So, if your card is turned off and you think you may need to turn it on at a specific location, be sure you will have access to a connection for your device at that location.

5) Question: How do I install and sign up for My Mobile Money?

Answer: Just use your device’s app store to search for “My Mobile Money Access,” and then download and install the free app. Tap the “Sign Up Free” button on the welcome screen and follow the prompts. You’ll need to have your Farmers Savings Bank debit card(s) with you and correctly answer a few identifying questions in order to complete the registration process. You will need a secure password to sign in when using the app.

6) Question: Is my card number stored on the mobile device (phone or tablet) when I register?

Answer: No, your card number is only used to verify service eligibility and is not stored on the device.

7) Question: How do reset my access if I get locked out of My Mobile Money by entering the wrong password?
Answer: You have three chances to enter the correct password. After the third attempt, you will have the option of having a temporary password sent to your email. You can use this temporary password to sign in and create a new password at that time.

8) Question: What if I forget my password for My Mobile Money?
Answer: After you click on “Login,“ just click on “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts. A temporary password will be sent to your email. If you don’t have access to email, you can also contact the bank for help during business hours at 330-648-2441.
9) Question: What if I forget my username for My Mobile Money?
Answer: Contact the bank for assistance. To prevent that from happening, you can check the “Remember my username” box.
10) Question: Can more than one owner on an account use My Mobile Money on their joint account?
Answer: Absolutely. First, the primary card user adds the card to the app first and then adds a “Shared Card User” within the app, giving the shared card user either full or restricted access to the control and alert capabilities on that card. The shared card user then receives an email invitation to download and install the My Mobile Money app and adds the card using a one-time security code. To add a shared card user:

  • Tap the card you want to share
  • Tap “Shared Card Users”
  • Tap “Add Shared Card User”
  • Enter the information as prompted and then tap the “Send Invite” button
  • The shared card user will receive an email with instructions on how to add the card to the My Mobile Money app

11) Question: How can I get help with the My Mobile Money app?
Answer: Online help is available within the app. Just tap the menu button in the upper right corner on any screen and then tap, “Help With This Page.”