Telephone Banking FAQs



1) Question

Why are changes being made to Telephone Banking?


In order to provide our customers with the best services, there is an occasional need to do system upgrades. The February 8, 2017 upgrade will make our Telephone Banking the best possible service for our customers.



2) Question

Will there be changes to the number I call or to my PIN?


You will continue to use the same PIN you have used in the past and the toll free number 877-371-2265 will not change.



3) Question

Can I still do everything in Telephone Banking that I have in the past?


Yes. While there will be changes to the menu, you can continue to access all the same information you always have. Just listen to the menu options and perform the functions you want to use.



4) Question

How do I access Telephone Banking for the very first time?


The first time you call the toll-free number, have your bank account numbers handy and be prepared to enter your full social security number or your tax ID number. You will be prompted to enter your own personal PIN for future use.



5) Question

Will Telephone Banking have new features?


Yes, the newly upgraded system will now allow customers to hear bank information on hours and locations and receive information on future dated transactions.



6) Question

What can I do when using Telephone Banking?


A) Check balances and activity on accounts

B) Inquire about checks by number or amount

C) See if checks have cleared your account

D) Transfers funds between your checking and savings accounts

E) Make loan payments directly from your checking or savings account

F) Inquire about your CD and IRA

G) Check future dated transactions



7) Question

Who can use Telephone Banking?


Any customer with an account at The Farmers Savings Bank can use this service.



8) Question

Is there a charge for using iTalk™ Telephone Banking?


No, the service is free to bank customers.


The Farmers Savings Bank welcomes your comments. We strive to give our customers the best service possible. If you have any questions or comments, please call us at 330-648-2441 or email us at We are, "The Bank with the Personal Touch."

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